Free straight talk phones offer great features and options for budget minded cell phone users. These options include free offers of cell phones and smart phones. These talk phones are extremely reasonable with unlimited text, talk and service of data-web with a very low per month fee.

So what are these phones?

Straight talk phones are popular pre-paid cell phones. These innovative phones provide unlimited text, talk, data-web and free directory assistance. This is no doubt an effective kind of phone that provides a mobile phone option for a large segment of the population. The straight talk plans carries variable smart phones and handles several models such as the Samsung Galaxy Precedent, Samsung 451C, LG290C Slider, and Motorola Moto W418G.

Endless advantages of free straight talk phones

With free straight talk phones such as the Nokia E5 ,as well as other smart phones, cell phone users the advantage of prepaid minutes. This feature gives users free phones as well as unlimited benefits for only $45. This is an incredible advantage since you can purchase refill cards at retails stores like Walmart.  Additionally, this unique service is offering an auto pay system which gives users the ability to pay via an internet account or have the refill deducted automatically from his or her debit card.  With such incredible options delivered by Straight Talk,  it has become a popular offering for users that don’t want to worry about rising or unpredictable cell phone bills.

Free Straight Talk PhonesAll about free Straight Talk phones

The most attractive part about Straight Talk plans is the ease and convenience associated with the products.  So many people become frustrated with cell phone bills that have unexplained charges, obscene overage fees, and customer service that is mind numbingly bad.  With Straight Talk, there is none of the unknown.  A flat fee that gives you a comfort knowing exactly how much you’ll need to pay each month to use your phone.  With prepaid plans starting at $30 per 30 days, you can see why so many people choose Straight Talk plans.  There’s also no deposits required, no credit checks, and no age limit, and the biggie is NO CONTRACTS!  That part is huge with cell phone users.  So many users feel trapped by their contracts, but with Straight Talk you will never have to worry about that again.

So where do you get the phones?

There are many places you can buy a Straight Talk Phone.  Walmart, Amazon, or Ebay.  So how do you get a Free Straight Talk Phone?  When you buy a month of prepaid service you can get a free phone with most retailers.  What you’ll need to do is check out the details when you go to buy your Straight Talk service.

How’s the Straight Talk Coverage Area?

Since these phones and plans use the same towers as major carriers you will be assured to have awesome connectivity.