How to Get A Free Straight Talk Phone

With a site named Free Straight Talk Phones, I guess it’s necessary to cut to the chase and tell every one exactly how they can get a Free Straight Talk Phone.

How to Get a Free Straight Talk Phone

You’ll see a few offers from sites like Woot or Fat Wallet, but all they do is point back to the main site that actually gives you the free phones. The official site to get your free phone is Straight Talk.

One thing to be aware of is the free phone offers vary by location. For example, my zip code is 37064. For my location I can get a Motorola W418G Reconditioned, LG 620G Reconditioned, and a Samsung T528G Reconditioned. Now, these are not your top shelf iPhones or Galaxy S4’s but it’s free man! These phones have all the modern amenities of today’s smartphones such as video recorder, camera, texting, internet browsers, etc.

Requirements for Free Phone

Of course you have to buy the “no contract” service plan which is probably one of the lowest unlimited text, talk, and data plans around.  It’s only $45/month, so for less than $1.75/day you can get a free phone, no contract, and get unlimited everything. It’s really hard to beat that.

If only Straight Talk would strike a deal with Apple to offer a no contract iPhone for less than $100, all the other cell phone companies would probably go out of business.

There you have it. For those of you looking to save some pennies and get your phone for free, head on over to Straight Talk and sign on the dotted line.