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The leader in the prepaid cellular industry, Tracfone whose service is based on a pay-as-you-go scale, offers the largest selection of Straight Talk prepaid phones together with easy to understand plans. The newest $45 Straight Talk Unlimited plan seems to be the best unlimited cell phone service available on the market, today. Consumers are delighted with this new monthly plan because the benefits are tremendous. The fact is that average cell phone user spends over $70 and about 700 minutes talking and possibility of someone having unlimited minutes and text messages for just $45 per month already sounds unbelievable.

If Straight Talk prepaid phones consumers think that that is unbelievable enough, than the fact that this unlimited plan includes 30 MB of data usage, unlimited free calls to 411 and unlimited roaming within Verizon network which provides very good nationwide coverage, will be overwhelming. Consumers will not be lacking from any other service that they would get from any other normal sell phone plan. Features as voice mail, caller id, call waiting are included, too.

Future Unlimited plans consumers should be aware that these plans work only with certain phones. That means that you will have to purchase a new phone in order for these plans to be in function but it does not mean that you have to get a low quality phone any more. You can choose among cool prepaid phones which prices range from $30-$100. Another good thing is that you can port your existing number. Using $45 Straight Talk Unlimited plan makes you enjoy all the unlimited services that this plan provides for you but without thinking about unexpected bills. You can talk as much as you like without worrying about consequences and if you are driven to spend a lot of time on the phone, for business or pleasure, you are definitely the right person for this kind of prepaid plan.

Having a teenager at home will make you think about this possibility, too. Probably, you have had a bad experience as a parent, when you had to pay all those phone bills at the end of the month. That is not strange at all knowing teenagers. However, this time getting $45 Straight Talk Unlimited plan can make your child talking, sending and receiving messages with no limits but your limit on that bill will be definite.

Having Straight talk prepaid phones with $45 Straight Talk Unlimited plan will make you save money in few ways. First, when you use prepaid phone, you decide how much and when you will pay. You will pay according to your needs. When you are on the contract, you are obligated to pay a monthly service fee whether you use the phone or not. People are usually not aware how much money they can save on things like these.

Another way of saving money while using these unlimited plans is obvious. If you spend same time talking and sending messages on your contract based phone as you would on this plan for $45 per month, you would see the difference right away. So, if you use your phone a lot and want to save by being rational about spending, this is the perfect deal for you.

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