We’ve all seen the commercials with the children sitting in a circle around a man that asks “When it comes to being better, which is better, better or worse?” At first you think it’s a trick question, because how obvious could this be? That is exactly the point they are trying to make. The answer is simple and right in front of you.

As you can see on this cell phone comparison chart, we have to ask the question. Which is better? $45/month or $60-$70/month? If you said $45/month you’d be correct! Ding ding, winner winner chicken dinner. With Straight Talk wireless you do pay less each month compared to other leading carriers. These stats represent their “prepaid option plans” so you can see a true apples to apples comparison.

Compare Straight Talk to Other Cell Phone Plans

Straight Talk Comparison Chart by www.freestraighttalkphones.net