I have come to realize one of the reasons Straight Talk is so cheap is due to their customer service.  There basically is no customer service when it comes to Straight Talk.  Their customer service is ABSOLUTELY WORTHLESS!!!

First of all you will be calling India.  No offense to Indians, I actually have a good friend from India.  However when I need to speak with someone about a problem with my phone I don’t want to try and figure out what the person is trying to say in English.  I prefer to talk with someone that can speak fluent English.

My phone is an HTC Inspire and I can’t send or receive picture or video texts.  I tried to update the APN settings found on other forums from people having the same problem.  That didn’t work, so I swallowed hard and called Straight Talk Wireless Customer Service.

1st Attempt – I called and explained my problem to the customer service rep.  They transferred me to another department where I had to explain the entire thing over again.  They said I had to have another phone available so I could talk with them and change settings on my phone.  O.k. I did that but they never called me back.

2nd Attempt – I called back and had to go through the same process all over again which took about 45 minutes.   I was transferred two times and each time had to explain my problem.  The rep went through multiple setting changes that took about an hour to do.  After all that it still didn’t work and she said they would open up a ticket and escalate the issue with their tech department.  She provided me with a ticket number which I would have to call back and reference to find out what the solution was.  She said the issue would be resolved in 24 hours.  They wouldn’t call me back, but rather I would have to call them back.  And undoubtedly explain the problem to yet another person.

3rd Attempt – I got busy and didn’t have time to call back so about 3 weeks passed by.  I figure it they only needed 24 hours then 3 weeks would be plenty of time.  I called back and explained the issue to a new Indian rep (that didn’t speak good English) and gave him the ticket number.  He then proceeded to go through all the steps I had gone through in the 2nd attempt, that took an hour.  I stopped him about 30 seconds in and said I’ve already been through these steps with you guys and it didn’t work….which is why it was escalated and you gave me a ticket number.  So what does the ticket say!?  He then hung up on me.  I called back and asked to be transferred to a manager.  Low and behold I had to explain the whole thing to him.  By this point I’m getting pretty good at explaining the problem since I’ve done it several times.  He puts me on hold and calls AT&T.  This goes on back and forth for about another 30 minutes.  He finally says a rep will call me within 24 hours with the solution!  Finally an answer to my problem.  He gives me 2 ticket numbers and a special managers number with an extension.  At this point I think I’m making progress.

4th Attempt – 24 hours passed and no word from my solution provider rep.  I called after 48 hours to that special manager number and I get Net 10 Wireless!!!  WTF?  I had to explain the problem to Net 10 and then they transferred me back to Straight Talk.  Once I got to Straight Talk I had to explain the problem again and they said I had to be transferred to a different department….even though I gave them my 2 new ticket numbers.  Once I explained the problem for the 547th time they said they’d have to call me on another number so I can work on the phone with the problem.  This sounds vaguely like my 1st attempt.  I said well, what does the ticket say?  Weren’t you suppose to call me back with the solution?  So what does it say the solution is?  He said you’ll have to call this other special number to find out what the ticket says.  Guess what number it was?  Yes, it was the first number I called in the 4th attempt…..The Net 10 number!?!?!!  However this time the extension was different than the one they gave me in attempt 3.  I said that is not the extension they gave me yesterday.  So I play along…

5th Attempt – I called the “special” Net 1o number back and put in the extension I got from the 4th attempt.  The lady said “what is the problem?”  Hahahaha.  What is the problem.  O.k. I’ll tell you what the problem is.  I started explaining it, then I stopped and I said, wait weren’t you suppose to call me with the answer?  So instead of me telling you what the problem is, you tell me what the answer is.  I gave her the 3rd ticket number I had received by this point.  She then proceeded to read me this script that says some phone features don’t work with their service and that they couldn’t help me.  I said, well o.k. I’ll continue to pay you for these features every month even though they don’t work and have a nice day.

That my friends is why Straight Talk is unlimited talk, text, and data for only $45/month.  A great American product with exemplary service from India….NOT!

If anyone has a solution to the HTC Inspire not being able to send or receive picture or video text, I’d love to hear from you.