straight talk phone compatibilityWant to know how to tell if you have Straight Talk phone compatibility?

When it comes to Straight Talk the prevailing question is what is the catch?  How can you get unlimited text, talk, and data for $45/month?  There’s really no catch, but the rub is you have to provide your own phone.

That’s great!

Well, it is great if you already own your own phone and it’s unlocked.  If not you are looking at forking out $200-$700 for a top notch smart phone.  You then have to figure how much you are saving per month on the plan and see if buying a new phone is worth it.

For example, let’s say you pay $65/month for your current plan.  You’d be saving roughly $20/month on the plan.  If you have to buy a new phone for $300 then it would take you 15 months or 1.3 years before you start saving money on your current plan.

Straight Talk Phone Compatibility

But what if your current phone works with Straight Talk?  Ahhh.  Now you’re talking.  If you can take your current phone over to Straight Talk, you can start banking that $20/month right away.

Here’s how you find out if your current smartphone is compatible with Straight Talk Wireless.

Go to  Click the button that says “Check My Phone Compatibility”.  Once you are on this page it will ask for one of these codes IMEI/MEID/ESN:  The page will tell you how to find these codes.  Click Continue and your done.  More and more phones are now compatible with Straight Talk, so there’s a pretty good chance yours will work, but you’ll need to make sure.

Three things you’ve got to check off to get started

1. Is your phone unlocked?

2. Is your phone compatible?

3. Buy the correct SIM card to work with Straight Talk (this is what connects you to their network)

Once you’ve got these three things in place, you are ready to get started on saving moola bucks each month on your cell phone bill.