One of the things that makes Straight Talk Wireless so appealing is that they have the lowest priced service, but yet they use the same towers as the other big name, high priced competitors.  You’ve got to love free enterprise, right?  Yes, it’s true that Straight Talk uses the towers of the “big boys” such as Verizon and AT&T.

With this incredible service, reception and price why wouldn’t you make the switch to Straight Talk Wireless?

Straight Talk


  • Both Straight Talk and TracFone are owned by Mexican company America Movil. The company launched in 2009 with 10 phone models in 3,200 stores. Straight Talk provides prepaid cellular service. Customers can buy minutes at Wal-Mart stores, or over the Internet on the Straight Talk website. Straight Talk charges by the month and offers a 1,000 minute or unlimited plans. You get a discount if you purchase multiple months of service.


Straight Talk Network


  • Like TracFone, Straight Talk is a cellular reseller. The company does not own the towers and other network infrastructure. Instead, they lease service from other cellular carriers. The carriers provide network service, while TracFone handles the billing. The carrier varies by geographic area. Sprint and Verizon use Code-Delimited, Multiple-Access — CDMA — cellular technology, while T-Mobile uses the Global Standard for Mobile — GSM — communications standard. CDMA and GSM networks operate on different bandwidths, so the phones are not interchangeable.

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